Each wedding is a unique and sacred event. 
We take this responsibility as an honor.

Your wedding is a special event that changes your life forever. 
The first step towards this new life begins at your wedding. Choosing the correct photographer to help you capture the fleeting moments of your wedding before they fade into the past, and transform them into a life long feast of ever fresh memories and emotions is of the utmost importance. See your wedding as fine art.

After 5, 10, 20...50 years if you want to be able to hear the music, smell the flowers and taste the champagne. If you want to experience the laughter and taste that first kiss .......
Moments changes to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days and days to years. Your photographic selection will be an enduring one which should capture the emotions of the moment and transform them into lifelong memories. This is our expertise.

Send me an email and we will take a consultation appointment around a coffee or a tea (eventually wine or champagne), to meet and discuss your wedding vision. I will present you my albums, and explain you how my photography would fusion into your wedding.

We can meet at a coffee shop downtown Milwaukee, at my studio in Cedarburg or your wedding venue.

the process

You are interested, let's meet!

The Engagement session

If you have chosen an engagement session, then we will have 2 hours of fun ! An engagement session has to represent who you are as a couple. Let's go play tennis, cook together, go ride horses, ice fish, smoke cigars, fly a plane ! I capture it all. think of what you like to do together.

 But it could also be a simple walk in a park, taking a coffee at Colectivo or sitting on the beach. I LOVE to capture those really you moments. 
You can change clothes, and style. Go bold with a very classy look and a more relaxed fashion.

My approach is very simple: 
I am a photojournalist when I take the getting ready pictures: it is your moment, and I capture the atmosphere and the time you have with your crew. 
I am a commercial photographer when I take all the details: the ring, the cake, the dress, ... all the details are taken, as I know it is a part you spent a long time preparing.

Then I become a creative portrait photographer when we go out in the city to capture those romantic and unique pictures.

Then I am back to be a photojournalist and capture all emotions candidly: tears, laugh, love...
Taking pictures thru the night, the fun, the dance, the crazy... yes there is always a little bit of crazy at the end of the day ;)


The Wedding Day

The After

After the wedding, memories are what is left. But they fade away as life take over. 
This is why I know photography is one of the most important decision you have to take during the planning process.
Then, after, you will receive 1500-2500 pictures, all edited by myself very carefully. 

Each detail, movement, that I captured, will be added to your gallery.
The private online gallery will host all your pictures, high resolution.You will have access by a password and you can share it to anybody you wish. As a bride and groom, you will have a VIP access to download all the pictures. But you can order from the gallery if you prefer also.
This online gallery will stay up online for 10 years.

The Investment

Yes, time will pass, and yes, the flowers will be gone, the dress in the dresser, the flower girl all grown up, the moments and details gone. Yes, our memories will only make us remember the essence of the moment. But thanks to photography, you can keep the raw, the bold,  even what you did not witness ... forever.

Wedding Collections starts at $2900
Portraits Collections starts at  $450 

Contact us for more informations on our pricing and options.


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